Good morning!  I’m SO excited to share this recipe today.  Growing up in the Midwest, we ate Godfather’s pizza.  My favorite pizza from there was the Taco.  It is the best.  I’ve been wanting to make my own for a few months now.  I finally came across this recipe on Pinterest.  While I was in Georgia, I decided to make it.  It was a hit!  So, so, so, good!!  Even my picky eater mother ate it 😉

Not only was it so good, but it was super easy to put together.

Brown your ground beef.  Add a taco seasoning packet.

Mix together refried beans, pizza sauce, and taco sauce.  I was skeptical adding pizza sauce.  It’s just weird.  But, it works!

Prepare your dough.  I used two packages of ready dough.

I prebaked the dough for 4 minutes.  Add the sauce mixture, mozzarella cheese, and meat.  Bake.

Add the toppings

We decided to add Doritos and hot sauce on individual slices rather than the whole pizza.

Not only was this pizza amazing the first time.  It was even better leftover.  I reheated it in the oven until it was hot.  So good!

It was so good that we made it again.  Two taco pizzas in 4 days!  It’s that good 🙂
What’s your favorite pizza?

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