Friday Favorites

Happy, Happy Friday!  TGIF!!!  Does anyone say TGIF anymore?  It’s been a long week.  A good week.  But a long one!  I (Bridget) had a doctor appointment that has given the mystery to some serious medical concerns an answer.  Not necessary a good diagnosis, but knowing what it is, and how to curtail the frequency of symptoms is all I’ve needed.  I’ll give this it’s own post later this month.

We’re linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci for another week of our weekly favorites

The kids’ favorite activity this week has been going up to the school and having bike races 🙂

Watching Despicable Me 3 is now one of my favorite movies.  It was cute and funny!

Going to jail wouldn’t be any fun

Before heading out for my doctor appointment, I put the kids to work making crafts for our 4th party.  My appointment lasted way longer than expected, but when I came back 5 hours later, they were still busy making their creations.  In their pajamas still.  It was deemed a pajama day, their favorite.

On the fourth, I got busy getting some favorite snacks and dessert ready for our little party

This cute flag was a favorite for all.  I saw everyone admiring it, but not taking anything from the tray.  So, I scooped up 4 strawberries and 4 pretzels.  Less than 15 minutes later, it was gone!  So, if you see a food at your party being oohed & awed over, take some yourself and watch it disappear.  😉 😉

The girls and I headed down to my sewing station and grabbed some festive fabrics and they stuffed mason jars with silverware.  Add some festive plates and boats.  Simple and cute!

Watching this girl eat chocolate was a favorite of the day.  Since when does she eat chocolate?  She didn’t have one.  Not two.  More like 10!  I think it’s safe to say she likes milk chocolate now!

These three silly-face cuties had a great time playing together.  Taking their Barbies camping was their favorite 🙂

Opa and these two played endless amounts of Jayla’s new favorite game, Uno Attack.  I’d join a few games to help with strategy.  Who asserts their love for getting attacked?  Me!  I really hate it, who wants more cards?!  I was vocal about the attack in a positive way.  Before joining one of the games, Jayla and Xander were continually complaining about being attacked 🙁   Reverse psychology really works.  They love being attacked now. I’m not hearing the complaining anymore.  Win-win.  Everyone’s happy!

When Jayla came with us, I told her about my summer plan to read every day.  She kept telling me “I don’t like to read.”  I, of course, encouraged it more (…she’d say torment, ha!).  When we went to the library I had her check out a bunch of different books.  We talked to the librarian about the right books for her and she found stuff.  All day yesterday she was carrying around her book and reading from it.  I love it!  She’s a smart little child.  She needed an extra dose of tormenting to see she does like reading.  I think it’ll be her favorite real soon 😉

Taking pictures of the kids with Opa is always a favorite.  We took him to the airport yesterday.  Everyone was trying to convince him to stay “just one more day.”  We loved having him with us.  He’s always so good to the kids.

It was a great week and I’m ready for what the weekend brings.  Loads of laundry, haha 😉

I have to be honest here.  We had plans to go out of town twice this past weekend, but holiday traffic terrifies me.  Especially since living so close to a big city.  It takes a ridiculous amount of time going a short distance, it just doesn’t feel worth it to sit in the car in stop and go traffic for hours.  I usually stay calm and keep my distance from the cars in front of me, but it’s still not any fun.  Now that the holidays are over for a little while, we can take our day trips without the added holiday traffic.  How do you deal with traffic?  #takemebacktothemidwest

I hope you’re ready for this (I know I am 🙂 )…

Surprise, Stacy’s back!  I’ve been MIA for quite a while now and decided to jump back in with some Friday Favorites.

A family favorite from the past two weeks has been fishing!  There’s a little pond near our house which lets you catch and release smaller fish.

This week the temps have been soaring in the 90s and 100s here in North Dakota.  My kids have taken total advantage of the heat wave by using their new favorite…an above ground pool.  Hubby even jumped in with them the day it was 102!

My favorite from the week is seeing how much my garden has grown in just over a month!  And a not-so-favorite of this is that some unknown critter is eating away my onion tops.  Last year, it took the whole row out in one night.  This year it’s slowly devouring the row over the past week. In the picture below you will see 1/2 the row laying over.  It’s towards the back of the picture, third row from the left.

Our most favorite from this week was definitely being able to watch the fireworks.  Usually, we are able to shoot off our own so we miss out on seeing the city’s display.  This year though, we are experiencing a bit of a drought in our area, resulting in a burn ban.  Which means no shooting off our own fireworks.  Hubby was super disappointed as the Fourth of July is his absolute favorite holiday.  I, however, was alright with it since our Fourth’s always ended up with some crazy fireworks catastrophe!

Were you able to watch any fireworks this year?  What’s the last movie you’ve seen in the theater?  Did you like it?  

Give Stacy a BIG welcome back and some encouragement to stick around 😉

Tasty or Terrible: Fluffy Cloud Pancakes

Happy Fourth of July!  We have a fun day planned.  Lots of people.  Lots of food.  Good conversation.  (and probably lots of little kids getting into trouble) #keepingitreal

Today I’m sharing a recipe I started making over a month ago.  The kids and I have been enjoying them every week and they don’t get old.  Fluffy Cloud Pancakes by Jamielyn Nye are the best we’ve ever eaten.  Pair them along with her candy syrup?!  So delish!  You really should check out her cookbook.  You won’t be disappointed!  She offers such a wide variety of recipes.

I had my little sous chef helping.  If I’m making one of her favorite meals, she loves being my assistant 😉
1 1/2 cups low-fat milk, plus 2 tbsp
2 tbsp white vinegar
4 tbsp unsalted butter
2 cups AP flour
1/4 cup sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 large eggs, whisked

She combined it all together while I prepared the griddle

I had to put my griddle on a lower temp than the author recommended.  They cooked too fast on the outside.  After finding the right temp (300), we ended up with perfected fluffy cloud pancakes.

This recipe usually makes 14 pancakes for us.  I put 8 in the fridge and they make a quick and tasty breakfast for the next couple days.  The candy syrup saves well too 🙂

Now get to it.  Go grab the cookbook and cook up some tasty meals!

Atlanta Trip

Good morning!  Sorry for the unannounced hiatus here on the blog last week.  The kids and I were in Atlanta visiting my parents and we kept busy (after the rain stopped).  I hope you had a great week and are looking forward to this week.

Today, Nick is off work as he continues to enjoy the four-day weekend.  And we’re enjoying his company.  Today, I’m recapping our Atlanta trip.  After our unexpected hospital visit, and rain all week, we finally saw sunshine.  I didn’t know I missed sunshine until visiting GA.  There was so much rain.  Buckets and buckets.  Our last six days in GA were glorious 😉

Beware, this post is picture heavy 🙂

Our first day of sunshine and we broke out the sprinkler and the “Nana sprinkler”.  The kids loved her spraying them!

Waiting to see their cousin.  Two very excited little kids!  And we’re all excited to have her staying with us for a few weeks this summer.

Going to the Atlanta Zoo was a blast.  I loved how the animals were close to each other.  Yet the animals still had plenty of room to roam.   The kids loved the kid friendly map.

I could have stayed and watched the baby turtles all day.  So cute!

They had to climb on the gorilla.  As we were walking away from it, we saw a “do not climb” sign.  Oops! It was way in the back away from it, they should move it to the front 😉

My little birdies

It was a hot day when we went so the pandas were inside.  We still were able to see them, but they were hot and not moving around much.

Brushing the goats.  Xander’s favorite part was when one of the goats decided to poop 😉

The kiddie zone was fun.  Xander conquered this climbing structure three times.  Jayla did it once and Sterling tried, but couldn’t make it up.

Sterling’s favorite ride.

I love this picture.  Jayla had the idea to jump up when I was ready to take the picture because I wanted all three of them in the pictures.

We started our summer review.  I bought packets from The Moffatt Girls.  We love them!

We went to the pool twice.  The first day Sterling was a punk and didn’t want to get in the water.  She just wanted to play in the fountain and make poses 🙂

The next day I decided to get in with them.  It took about 30 minutes to get Sterling comfortable.  Then she was back floating all over the whole pool.  After she was comfortable, Xander wanted me to help push him under the water to dive for his toys.  We spent two hours at the pool.  It was a much better day than the day prior.  Is your family spending lots of time at the pool?  I see many trips in our summer 😉

We went to the park one evening

And then to get ice cream

Before heading home Papa wanted a picture of his grands so they obliged

These two are the sweetest 😉

The highlight of our flight was when we boarded.  The flight attendant told them after the flight they could get a picture with the pilots.  They talked about all the fun they had at Nana & Papa’s, and going home to see daddy and Opa!

We’re so excited for this summer.  Minus all the heat of course.


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  The kids and I have been at my parents and we’ve been enjoying our time.    Nana and Papa are the kids absolute favorite.  They really are the best 🙂

I’m linking with Andrea, Erika, and Narci for another week of my favorites from the week.

Sterling had her dance recital on Saturday and it was precious.  They tap danced to Sunshine and Lollipops by Lesley Gore.

Xander wanted a picture with Sterling.  They really are best friends.  I love that they are so close to one another!

On Sunday they kids and I were getting ready for our trip and spent lots of time with the best daddy around.  He may be a little tough on them, but it’s good for them in the scheme of things.

The kids wore pajamas on the plane since it was a late night flight.  They thought it was the coolest thing ever.  #itsthelittlethings

I finally convinced Xander to pick up bugs/animals this week.  Nana has baby frogs on her patio.  Xander’s now a pro at capturing them.  It’s my favorite watching him open up and not be so afraid.  It’s okay to be afraid, but it could also be fun to be a boy (or girl) and pick up bugs/animals.

We were at the hospital most of the day on Wednesday.  The kids played so well.  Watching them get creative with their fidget spinners was my favorite.  Xander is the King of “I don’t know how to…”  When he finally came up with a new “trick,” we were all proud that he could think of something without us giving him ideas.

Sterling’s favorite head trick

Are your kids obsessed with fidget spinners?  I said I wouldn’t buy them one, but I let them use their own money.  They are some happy kids 😉
Have a great weekend!
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