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Taking a Break

Hey, guys!  With school starting, we have decided to take a quick break to enjoy these last few days of summer break with our kiddos.

See you soon!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Wow did this week fly by for you too?  I’ve been lacking in the sleep department and the days are zooming by.  We have 30 days until school starts and am I ever ready?  We have another busy month ahead with an out of town trip, doctor visits, in-laws coming for a visit, and getting back on a school schedule.  I’m ready for the early morning schedules!

I’m linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci for this weeks Friday Favorites.

Two weeks ago Nick joined us for a last minute week away.  We had the best time.  It’s not too often that he can take more than a day or two of leave, so to take a whole week was just what we needed.  Playing forehead cards was a favorite!

After getting back home from our trip, seeing my plant dying of thirst was not a favorite

The next day she was a beauty again.  I’m so thankful this plant is so forgiving!

Watching Jayla and Sterling put on a magic show was hilarious

Watching my “grandkids” while I was working made me think of all my favorite memories playing with dolls as a young child.  It’s so fun watching Sterling talk and play with her dolls.

We did a book craft day this week and the kids had the best time!  Creating their dragons masks was their favorite
Jayla’s been wanting to help make dinner, so she made tacos one night.  All by herself.  And did great 🙂

I spy three dragons scaring their favorite person to mess with 🙂 
I put the kids to work and it quickly became my favorite day!  They cleaned their rooms (dusted, vacuumed, and picked up toys) and bathrooms.  Do you want to say you’re bored again? 😉  I really haven’t heard them say those words this summer, but on that day it was off the charts!

I’m trying to find a Lego organization method.  We need some help and I’m not finding what I’m looking for on Pinterest.  Do you have any Lego organization ideas that have worked for your kid(s)?
We ended up dumping all of Sterling play room in one big pile and starting over.  Her space is my favorite 😉

Yesterday was Jayla’s most favorite day all summer.  We took her to the American Girl store and she picked out her very own doll.  Her birthday is a few days after she leaves so we bought her gift a few weeks early 🙂  We love this girl so much! She picked out a PJ set so her and Sterling’s dolls can be twins.  She also picked out a puppy to go with her girl.  I think her bird may be one of her favorites too.    We have a fun weekend planned that involves a birthday party, yard work (if the rain stays away), finding a Lego solution, making fluffy cloud pancakes (everyone’s favorite), and finishing up school prep.

Have a great weekend!

Tasty or Terrible: Grands! Pepperoni Pizza Bake

Hello and Happy Tuesday!  I’m back with another easy peasy recipe.  I told you before, and I’ll say it again.  When it comes to recipes, the simpler, the better.

Pizza is a must in our family’s weekly meal rotation.  Usually we pick up takeout, order it in, or sometimes just pop one in the oven straight from the freezer.  When my neighbor shared this recipe with me, I had to try it.  Seriously, four ingredients (biscuits, pizza sauce, pepperonis, and cheese).  30 minutes later, ooey, gooey pizza waiting to be devoured by my crazy clan.

I will admit, upon pulling this out of the oven, my pizza loving heart may have pitter pattered.  The cheese was perfectly melty and the whole thing smelled delicious!  I anxiously awaited hubby’s thoughts about this pizza bake as we all know how finicky his taste buds are.  He loved it (almost as much as me).  He’s already thinking of ways to make it taste even more like his favorite pizza by adding Italian sausage, green peppers, and onions next time we make it.

I am sad to report that my kids were not big fans of this meal, which surprised me.  They love pizza!  Maybe they were in too big of a hurry to finish supper as we had hockey the night I made it.  I definitely won’t let their disappointment prevent me from baking up this bubbly deliciousness again and again.  Head over to the Pillsbury website to grab the recipe for Grands! Pepperoni Pizza Bake.  Go ahead and make this for your next pizza night!

Tell me below which pizza toppings you want to try in this pizza bake!

Inauguration Reflection

President Trump’s Inauguration Speech was interesting, to say the least.

The magnanimous tone that “experts” predicted, based on non-partisan protocol and tradition, was quickly disregarded. And for good reason, President Trump solidified his advocacy for “red” blooded Americans who’ve deeply lamented the rise of globalized economies and a seeming disinterest in strengthening national security and border enforcement mechanisms throughout former President Obama’s tenure. In addition, President Trump took to task the lax governance approach that politicians, Conservative and Liberal alike, have so notoriously implemented, resulting in sequestration and partisan threats of federal government shutdowns. President Trump’s tone was victorious and serious. His words were strategic and aspirational. In short, I liked it…it fit the man that Americans elected to lead this nation. A man who follows his own mind and sets his own traditions. A successful statesman who disregards magnanimity in favor of a more populist approach.

The ensuing protests on the National Mall and across the National Capital Region and thereabouts will have plenty of Inaugural statements to misconstrue and misquote in order to whip protest participants into a frenzy (and to score political points). But, if all partisans would pause momentarily and reflect honestly upon Mr. Trump’s words, tone, tenor, and tempo, they would realize that the new commander-in-chief is deeply and more wholly attuned to Americans who have suffered academically, economically, and socially without direct recourse for the last decade or more.  Americans who are understandably upset and hopeful for a “new America” where race, gender/identity, sexual orientation, and social class (among other irrelevant attributes) are not determinants of an American’s promise or potential, and should not be factors for prioritizing federally-funded social programs and mandates, do not contribute to the extent to which an American should be protected by or subject to the law, and are not what makes America great.

The nation’s tradition of and ability to “melt” the best aspects of uncommon, unfamiliar cultures and societal norms, ethos, and beliefs into an “America first” understanding, is what drove the innovations and best practices which make out nation great. Mr. Trump promises to restore that understanding…which is incredibly aspirational and sorely needed.

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