Month: May 2017

Tasty or Terrible: BBQ pork chops

Good morning!  This week I have a delicious recipe from one of my newest cookbooks, Damn Delicious.  The title of the book says it all.  They’re good.  We’re not pork chop eaters.  But, they looked too good not to try.  I would love to make every single thing in the cookbook, everything looks that good.  I’ve made three things so far and they were all “knock your socks off” good.

Say hello to the best Honey BBQ Ranch Pork Chops!

Guys, this recipe is so simple, quick, and easy to prepare and make.  It takes only 11 ingredients.  You’ll need ketchup, light brown sugar, honey, Worcestershire sauce, dijon mustard, smoked paprika, garlic powder, black pepper, bone-in pork chops, ranch seasoning, and fresh parsley.  That’s it.  You probably have all the ingredients in your pantry.

Go grab the cookbook and enjoy this delicious meal 😉

Clutter Challenge Week 5

Good morning and happy Monday!  I hope your weekend treated you well and you were able to enjoy time with your family.  Our family went out-of-town and it was a great weekend with the kids.

Last week’s tasks in my clutter challenge included the master bathroom/bedroom and kids rooms (Days 15-20).  It was a successful week 😉

Before of drawer 1

All the hair accessories (just in my bathroom).  I don’t know how this happened 🤷🏼‍♀️

I decided to tack down the bins so they don’t move.  Best trick ever!  It was rather annoying moving them every. single. day!

After in drawer 1

Cabinet after (where all those darn hair accessories ended up)

After in drawer 2.  I forgot to take a before picture.  Trust me, there was so much in here 🙁

Everyone’s bedding was washed.  The kids’ rooms were tidied up. I JUST got rid of TWO garbage bags of junk last month.  I didn’t need to go through it again.  That saved a whole day!

This week’s schedule will include; the laundry room, linen closets, coat closets, and the office (Days 21 and 22).  The office will probably take two, maybe three days.  We just have too much stuff.  After the move, I just placed things where I thought they should go.  It hasn’t worked and I need to figure out a new layout.  Time to declutter and get organized.

Let’s do this!

Friday Favorites: Birthday edition

Happy Friday, friends!  Are you having a great week?  This week was a good one for me.

I’m linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci for the weekly Friday Favorites.

A little warning, this post is picture heavy 😉  My birthday was yesterday.  It was my favorite for sure!  It was nothing glamorous, but it was perfect.  I still had to take out the trash, cook meals, mop the floor, run errands, and keep things running smoothly.  The kids were awesome.  Chores were done without asking twice.  They didn’t argue.  Played nicely together.  And had a great day at school.  What else could I ask for?

 First, let’s wish Stacy a Happy Birthday!  Happy Birthday, Sis!  I love having our birthdays 364 days apart.  It’s made for some really fun birthdays :).  I hope you have a great day and your family treats you like royalty 😉

Story-time is a favorite of all ours.  Sterling tells the best stories.  She sings them and makes sure every sentence is rhyming.  She’s so cute!

After dropping Xander off at school, Sterling and I got busy making my cake.  She’s a finger-licking-good assistant 🙂

Sterling and I played shopping before lunch.  I wanted to go shopping, but she wanted to pretend.

After I dropped Sterling off, I went shopping.  I wanted to stop by Gymboree since they were having a great sale.  Plus we needed a few summer essentials.  Gymboree’s always a favorite of ours.

Xander’s haul

Sterling’s haul

I also stopped by Ulta to pick up a few things and the pharmacy.  Then it was already time to start pick-ups.  That time is never long enough and I’d rather keep her home 😜

After grabbing the kids, we headed to 7-11 to grab fidget spinners.  I said I wouldn’t buy these silly things, but Xander wanted to spend his own money on them.  So I let him.  Only because he keeps asking his friends to buy him one 🤣  Which is not okay to do!

We finally started decorating my cake.  I did the frosting and they did the decorating.  I just told them how I wanted it.

So meticulous

So careful not to get any frosting on her little fingers

The finished product.  Just how I envisioned it.  Not perfect, but made with love.

My favorite six year old.

The cookie jar was supposed to be for Mother’s Day but came on Wednesday.  So I’m claiming it as my birthday gift 😉  I love it, thanks babe!

Xander drew a picture earlier in the week what he thought my cake should look like.  Such a sweet boy.  He asked daddy to buy it for me.  But, we all know that wouldn’t happen.

At Target Sterling wanted to get me a card.  So I showed her the rows she could pick from.  The only stipulation was it had to say “MOM” somewhere on the card.  She found it and put it upside down on the envelope so the cashier wouldn’t flip the card so I could see it.  She’s so cute!

I love how she spelled my name, completely backwards, and in order!

She nailed the card!

I mean it’s just soo her!

Homemade cards are always a favorite from Xander.

How awesome is this?!  Yes, I love you too buddy 😘

The kids sang Happy Birthday to me.  Click the link to watch the video 😉

Being a military wife is never fun, nor easy, but life has to keep moving.  Nick got off work later than normal so he missed it all 😒.  The kids sure knew how to make me feel special though.  They also let Nick know that he was “in the dog house” 😂

Whew.  That’s it from me on this birthday edition.  I’ve accomplished a lot this past year.  The future will be grand.


Life Lately

Happy Thursday!  Today I wanted to share a little bit of life lately.

The saying goes “April Showers bring May Flowers,” but here in Virginia I think it’s more accurate to say “April Flowers bring May Showers.”  We’ve had so much rain this month.  Muddy puddles are a springtime must.

Look at those roses!  I want to pick them soo bad, but I won’t.  They’re not mine 😉

In between rain showers, Sterling and I head out to walk the neighborhood.  She rides, I walk.

I’m old.  638 years old.  Thanks, Sis!  Today’s my actual birthday.  She knows how old I am, so, I find it funny that she told her teacher I was 638 🙂

On Mother’s Day, we tried out a new restaurant.  It was about an hour drive but was so worth it.  We went before the dinner crowd so we got seats right away!  Why do people go out during “normal” lunch/dinner hours on special holidays just to wait in long lines?!  I don’t get it.

With working on the clutter challenge I’m doing, I’m going through things that I have otherwise procrastinated on.  As I was going through my jewelry, Sterling started putting things on.  Fancy and married, as she said 😉

Sterling loves playing with her baby dolls.  She brought her high chair downstairs and her baby ate breakfast with us.

Sterling was invited to her friends Shimmer and Shine party.  She had a blast with all of her friends.

Who is this child?!  Wearing jeans?  She never wears jeans so I had to document it.  She only owns two pairs because they don’t make a presence.  Dresses and skirts?  Give her them all, they’re her favorite.

I’ve been working on the kids’ summer learning packs lately.  I needed these two monkeys to not be constantly fighting.  I broke out the tablets and they loved their time on them.  Sterling’s obsessed with ABC mouse, while Xander would rather watch a movie.

May is water safety month.  Each week the kids would learn a new survival skill at lessons.  This week they had to jump in with their clothes on.  They were excited all week.

Look who finally graduated!  Since moving to the big kids class, he’s been terrified.  They’ve had him in the deep end and he lost all confidence.  He stayed on the edge for almost a month.  He just needed twenty walking Bobs.  So easy, but he just couldn’t do them.  On Tuesday, he finally did it 🙂  I was so proud of him!  This week was also our last week of lessons for a little while.  We’re taking lots of trips this summer and lessons are too expensive to miss more than once a month.

Sterling and I planted some flower seeds and they are starting to sprout.  The seeds sort of dumped all in one area.  You get what you get with kids around 😉

One less weekly activity.  Things are slowly coming to an end and we can’t wait!  Two weeks of school left for Sterling.  Three weeks left for Xander.  Three weeks of dance left.  Come on summer!

That’s it for a little life lately 🙂


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