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Friday Favorites

Good morning, Friends!

How is it Friday already?!  We’re linking up with some of our favorite bloggers again this week and it’s been a great week!

First up?  I’m DONE with school.  Forever!  Done.  A Master’s is good enough for me 😉 It feels so good to be done and getting a slice of my life back.

On Saturday we headed to Baltimore to watch the Orioles and Red Sox play.  It took 3 hours to go a typical 1.5 hours.  Gotta love the traffic and rainy weather 😉  It’s never a good mix in VA!

Because of the rain, Nick ended up not wanting to go over to the game so I took the kids swimming and I started reading my new book.  Since I’m getting my life back, I’m going to kick off May with decluttering our lives.  The kids didn’t mind going to the game because they only wanted to swim anyways 🙂  While they swam, I was also able to keep an eye on the game.  Nick ended up watching it in the room.

With my beloved new free time, I’ve put my computer away while the kids are home and Sterling gets to have tea parties with me.  Her favorite!

We’ve also been playing lots of games.  Old Maid, Crazy 8, Sight Word Bingo, and Uno Attack are some of our current favorites.

I finally said “yes” to playing those darn claw machines to win prizes and we ended up winning Peppa and George.  After wasting $5 🙁  The joy in this little girls eyes was priceless (although you can’t see her eyes because the sun was too bright, ha!)!

We finally made it back outside after nearly a week of rain.  A little fresh air does everyone good.  These two worked as a team to push the dead power wheel up.  It only holds a charge for five minutes.  I ended up buying a new battery for the thing!  I should’ve ordered it last year when it constantly died, but I didn’t.  He’ll be so happy next week when he can ride his four wheeler longer than five minutes 😉

Having mom guilt was definitely not a favorite.  Friday morning Xander complained of the back of his neck hurting before school.  Since he didn’t have a fever, I told him maybe he slept on it wrong, and he needed to get ready for school.  He kept complaining and I was contemplating keeping him home, but since he didn’t have a fever, I couldn’t see a reason.  An hour and a half after school started, I received the dreaded call from his nurse.  He has a fever and is still complaining of a sore neck.  We went to get him and he took a nap.  #momfail #sorrybuddy  He woke up Saturday morning ready to go to the hotel.  I had no idea what was wrong with him, but this was the second time this year that he’s had a mystery fever with no real symptoms.

We have a fun weekend getting yard work done, and spending lots of time outside (hopefully…it’s supposed to be in the 90s!).  My favorite thing to do every year is to spray the yard with some backyard bug spray.  It makes being outside a little more bearable and a lot less worrying about bugs.  We hate bugs!

What are some of your kids’ favorite games?

Friday Favorites

Good morning lovely people!  Who loves a week that flies by?!  I was ready for this week to be over and the weekend to be here.  We have some fun plans tomorrow and it includes visiting a new city.  Today, I’m linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci for this weeks Friday Favorites.

First, let’s celebrate that I’m on my LAST editing edition for my grad paper.  Can I get a hallelujah?!  You guys, I am beside myself with excitement!  I already have the director’s signature for my paper and she said it was great.  Getting that signature made me the most nervous, but now I just have a few minor things to fix and it’s all over.  I was a PRO at doing everything and anything except my papers.  I’d wait until the day of to work my hardest on them.  In the end, it all paid off and I pulled out my best shenanigans and wrote an awesome paper!  I find this card very ‘true-to-me’ 😉

In case you missed my review of the White House Easter Egg Roll, you can check it out here.  It was a favorite moment of the week, for sure!

We had the best time on spring break.  There was a little bit of fun mixed in with a little bit of relaxation.

We have spring flowers blooming and they’re Sterling’s favorite!  She loves to go up and smell them.  It was so neat seeing all the cherry blossom trees in our neighborhood and while driving around.  They’re so pretty!

We bought a new outdoor game over spring break and the kids and I are loving it!

Have you seen the new Ocean Spray Strawberry Craisins?  We’re slightly addicted.  I HATE Craisins, but these?  So good!  All but Sterling thinks so.  Sterling will eat a pint of regular strawberries but hates these ones.  Also, I can ONLY find these at Walmart 🙁

Are your flowers blooming?  Which ones are your favorite?

White House Easter Egg Roll

Good morning!  I {Bridget} wanted to share our experience at the first Egg Roll under Trump administration.  My husband has an awesome job and was able to score some tickets.  We still had to go through the security process of getting the tickets.  Once everything checked out, we had our tickets.  The kids were egg-cited to be going to the White House, while Nick and I didn’t have big expectations.

I’d planned our trip into the city to take the metro, but Nick didn’t want to take the metro, he wanted to drive.  I searched for parking garages (which there are plenty) where we wouldn’t have to walk too far.  Getting into the city wasn’t bad.  We expected traffic (hello BIG city!), had traffic, and had tons of people.  After getting to the White House to go through security, we started the long wait to get through to the Egg Roll.  There were SO many people.

We started our wait at 4:15 and we were on the south lawn at 5:10.  It wasn’t too bad of a wait, considering there were thousands less people than previous years.  Once through the gates, we could go right (reading nook, egg roll, bean bag toss, and character sightings) or to the left (egg hunt, hopping for Minecraft game, face painting, listening to the band, and one more game).  We started out left to go hopping for minecraft, but once there, Xander saw the Easter Bunny and canceled all plans for Minecraft.  Which was fine because all it was brown paper like sheets on the ground you hop from.  It was pathetic.  All my kids wanted to do was see the Easter bunny and President Trump.  They were excited and screaming.  I had two, over the top, excited kids!

Xander saw this “Rapunzel” bunny and Sterling was eager to say “hi”

We saw Peppa Pig and George

We were next in line to see Cat and the Hat when suddenly he had a wardrobe malfunction.  But, as he was walking away the Ninja Turtles came out.  Xander was screaming with so much excitement!

We finally saw Cat and the Hat…whom Sterling liked to refer to as Pete the Cat 😉

After the characters, we went to wait in line for the Egg Hunt.  It was LONG!  It was already 6 at this point and we only had 45 minutes left on the lawn.  While we were waiting, Xander started complaining and then had an idea.  He remembered that Nick Wilde and Judy Hops from Zootopia were coming back out (we tried them earlier too, but they took a break before we got to the front).  He asked if we could see them.  At first, I told him after the egg hunt since we were in line but then realized that the egg hunt might take us all the way to 645.  So, I told them we wouldn’t be able to get back in line for the egg hunt and they were both okay with it.

Well hello, Nick and Judy!

After the line with Nick and Judy, we headed to do the egg roll.  We were so close to the White House 🙂

Xander didn’t understand the concept of the egg roll, but Sterling was done in 3.2 seconds flat!  She said it was boring and Xander had no comment 😉

After the egg roll, we decided to head out because there was no point in standing in a line we’d never get to do the event.  On our way out, the kids received a bag of goodies and their special White House egg.

My thoughts:
  1.  Expect to wait in long lines.
  2. There were plenty of port-a-jons, but by the time our event rolled around, they were nasty!  Thankfully, we didn’t need to use them.
  3. The event volunteers were handing out cold drinks while waiting in lines.
  4. Once on the south lawn, everything seemed thrown together.  The games were less than inviting.
  5. The music entertainment didn’t seem to have been chosen with kids in mind.
  6. There was not a lot to do.
  7. Don’t expect to see the President.  He only came out once that day, and it was at 10:30.  Xander was really hoping to see him( although we warned him that he probably wouldn’t) because he learned all about the Presidents before spring break.
  8. There was so much talk about a “golden egg.”  Where was it?!
  9. Have fun and go with the flow of your kids’ excitement!

Did you go to the White House Egg Roll this year too?  What’d you think?

Tasty or Terrible – Lasagna Roll Ups

{Stacy} Let me preface this by saying my husband dislikes lasagna very much.  I, on the other hand, love lasagna and rarely get to eat it.  So when he asked me to put Lasagna on the menu plan last week, I was pretty flabbergasted.  Reluctantly, I added it and promptly headed to Pinterest to find a recipe.  Lasagna Roll Ups kept popping up and definitely piqued my interest.  I knew this was the way to encourage hubby to love lasagna.  The pictures I found looked enticing and I was anxious to make them.

I did find a recipe, but the only part of it I used was for the cheese mixture.  Ricotta, egg, mozzarella, and parmesan.  Rather than layering the noodles, meat mixture, pasta sauce, and cheese mixture as with traditional lasagna, I placed 12 cooked noodles across two baking sheets.  Next, I spread the cheese mixture, followed by the sauce, and the meat mixture.  I then rolled the noodles and placed them in my 9×13 glass baking dish, which the bottom was covered with pasta sauce.  I then drizzled a bit more sauce over top of half the pan (for the kids).  The other half I added the remaining meat mixture and more sauce.  I then piled on the mozzarella cheese, covered it with foil and baked it for 35 minutes at 375 degrees.

The verdict:  I loved it!  Like I said, I don’t get to eat lasagna very often so for me, it was pretty tasty.  Hubby, on the other hand, gave it an F.  The ricotta cheese totally ruined it for him.  Of course, he was very vocal about his opinion, so the kids were pretty quick to hop on board with him and not like it either.

Here’s the kicker though – he’s willing to try it again.  This time his only request is no ricotta cheese!

Are you a fan of lasagna with or without cottage cheese?  Have you tried it rolled up rather than layered?

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